Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Frost Not Snow

I may be repeating myself here. But bear with me as I get my blog in order and sort out the old drafts - culling, deleting and posting a few.

 We've had weird ground cover lately. It's almost as if it's trying to snow but not quite. That is frost, not snow. A closer look will reveal crystals unlike snow.

So I've been sitting by the fire enjoying working on my "Brick". It's so cozy inside the house - I don't want to leave. Not even to take a walk.

That's a good thing because I get a lot done. 

I'm not real happy about this sweater. There are at least three reasons but I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. First off, it's too big. I'm ok with that, I guess because then I can wear layers to keep warm. I can even roll up the sleeves. But still, I would like to someday make a sweater that actually fits. Second, the white yarn is gross. I don't like the feel of it. Even after a good wash it still feels pretty stiff. Also, the white should have been whiter. By that I mean the color, which is really cream, doesn't actually go with the grey. It looks ok on the computer monitor but in real life I don't like it. 

You would think I would have known this after putting together a quilt that mixed cream based and white base fabric. My sister fixed it by taking it all apart and separating the fabric into two piles - one white and one cream. This is what she did with the cream. Or was it the white? I'm not sure, but I guess I didn't learn.
She's really good with color. Me? I'm still learning,

So, I will knit.

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