Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Lists and Scrap Yarn

So I've made a list. I'm funny that way. Every morning I make a "to do" list of the things I want to accomplish that day. Mostly, I get through that list in good time. I'm funny that way. But the list I want to talk about now is the list that keeps getting longer every day and doesn't seem to shrink at all. In fact, it grows. It's the list of my knitting projects. That's okay though because I don't ever want to be at a loss for something to knit. And knit projects take longer than a day to complete. Since I've finished all the socks that I wanted to do for this year's birthdays, I thought I would try my hand at something I've seen floating around Instagram for a while to use up my left over yarn. And that is crazy socks! I haven't started yet but here are some of the colors I want to use:

If nothing else it will be fun to see how this works out. And at the least, I'll have used some of my scraps. Now how economical is that?

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