Monday, December 07, 2015

Mrs. Hunter's Cowl and Fingerless Mitts

The first yarn I tried for this cowl in Mrs. Hunter's stitch turned out really pretty. There was only one problem with it. The border had a tendency to curl. So I took it out and never restarted. I may go back and redo it now that I know how to make it stop curling. If I knit a round and then purl a round after the rib and before I start the "Mrs. Hunter's" pattern, it will stop the curling and rolling.

The next yarn I tried with this pattern told me that the yarn was too busy for the pattern so I took that out as well. Yet, notice how I learned how to stop the fabric from curling? Learning.

The yarn ended up being plain vanilla socks. Top down. To start: cast on 44. Knit two, purl two for the rib. And carry on until the heel. Comment if you need help from there. Or just go on-line and find a simple vanilla sock pattern.

And finally, I said to myself, "sink or swim. This last try is going down in the history books." And there you have it - a nice cowl and a pair of finger-less mitts. 
(Going to the cedar chest)

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