Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cozy Warm for Poland

She told me she was cold at work. Her shoulders. So I whipped up (ha!) this cozy little shawl to keep her warm. She loves it and now that it's cold and dreary here in Vancouver she wears it all the time at work.

It's called multnomah.

It was a fun knit and I really like the pattern, the yarn and the colorway but when I knit it up I was a little disappointed in how the colorway showed off the stitch pattern. Not. The variegated yarn I buy is often beautiful in a ball or in a skein but when I knit it up it's not as beautiful as I thought it would be. Plus it often distorts the stitch pattern. It often depends too on how long the row is. For instance,
the yarn ~

I used for this cowl~

and fingerless mitts: 

looks much nicer in the fingerless mitts, don't you think?
It looks like the shorter rows worked best with this yarn. So in the future I'll be doing more experimenting with row length or else knitting a whole lot more in solid colored and muted yarn.
It's either that or turn 'em all into woven squares.

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