Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Some Knitting

Well, since the title of this blog has the word knit in it I thought it would be about time there was some knitting content. (Aside from last time). So what am I working on now?

I have a "one-day-beret" in the works... Almost done. Same ole pattern I've been using forever. It's about time I at least varied it a little by adding some kind of pattern. Maybe leaves like the Saroyan would be pretty.

There's a burgundy citron - a lace pattern that is more "fiddly" than anything. Still I've been admiring this for a long time and wanted to get it on the needles at least.

I'm using a #2 or #3 - 16" circular. The pattern calls for a #6 but I just couldn't keep all the stitches on the needle and it really looked sloppy. I suppose that it's suppose to look sloppy until you block it but I just didn't like it at all. We'll see whether it comes close to what the pattern intended.

This wallaby has been waiting patiently to be finished...Ioi's #5 baby got a green one but I had promised her one in a larger size at first. So it needs to get done before H grows up. This will be one of the first projects I finish after the beret.

Sweet little kidlets with LOTS of energy!

LJ and H are always clamoring for finger-less mitts, gloves and even hats...Same pattern as Beck's mitts.
The beige/pink ones are for LJ and the Turquoise balll will morph into mitts somehow...Briggs and Little 100% scratch wool that is so "old fashioned", nostalgic, rustic??what?? Can you think of what I'm thinking of?

I like to have socks on the needles because they are so portable but haven't even started these yet...Maybe I'll put a picot edging on the top to vary it a little

I frogged a shawl because I didn't like how it was turning out and reverted back to a favorite pattern. Here's another "damson"... I really enjoyed making this before and this time will be no different.

I pulled out a half done sweater from years ago and Heidi told me it would make a great cowl. I readily agreed since I knew the sweater would never see the light of day...I've already worked a little more on this and have changed up the stitch pattern to stockinette for an inch and garter for another inch. I think I'll continue to vary the stitches. It's going to be (DV) about three to five feet long and I will make a circle grafting the ends together.

Laura gave me some yarn for my birthday this year and I found the perfect pattern for it...Bandanna Cowl. I probably have enough for a hat/beret or even finger-less mitts. Luscious!

We have some new babies arriving next year and I thought I would forgo making another Wallaby (a tradition, it seems!) and try something new... Here we have the yarn for a norwegian-sweet-baby-cap  and phazelias-mitered-baby-jacket...


Both Hat and Sweater

Finally, a very fun project for myself out of kauni yarn. I made up the pattern borrowing heavily from EZ and the Wonderful Wallaby...

This should keep me busy for a long while. I'll keep you updated and try to get these done at least one a week. Well, maybe not the sweater!

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