Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Scarf and Some Beans

We were in W2 a week or so ago. While traveling I was able to work on my Irish Hiking Scarf and actually finished it while there. It sort of matches the coronet hat . The yarn is the same anyway. You wouldn't be able to tell that the difference between the patterns unless you really looked carefully. So don't.

The reason I was able to make so much progress on the scarf is because Tami and I were able to knit all Saturday afternoon. She wasn't planning on making dinner (we went to Homestead) but in between making pastries and muffins she got a few rows in too. She's more adventurous than I am because her latest project is an intricate sweater pattern that involves lots of color change. My mind can't get around that just yet. I need huge blocks of time just to figure out where I am in that kind of pattern. And she's raising four boys.

The oldest made breakfast for us on Lord's Day and helped his mom make the beans for supper that night. "More garlic, Mom?"

No double dipping, E.

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