Friday, September 29, 2006

Chuggy's Hawaiian Birthday

Honolulu Harry's -- One fabuluous restuarant

My sister was born in Hawaii the year after it was made a state. So all things Hawaiian pertain to her and Kedj, who was born there as well.

On her birthday we drove for about an hour to a Hawaiian restuarant that was a total surprise to all of us. (Can you tell we like surprises in this family?)

Well, the surprise was well worth the anticipation. The decor brought back memories of days spent on the island growing up. But the food was out of this world. (Sorry, Mom, but I don't remember you cooking like this!)

The appetizers were unlike I have ever seen before. B ordered a number of them. Sweet potatoes coated in coconut and deep fried were my favorite.

Marinated chicken in lettuce wraps and all kinds of sauces filled us up even before the main courses arrived.

The food was fabulous and I would love to go back for more. But alas, the restuarant is only about 1400 miles away.

A little Hawaiian girl who doesn't know whether she is married or not. A flower on one side says she is but the other says she isn't.
Don't you wear warm red wooly socks on your ears?
Gramma and three of her grandsons.


leanne said...

i'm hungry.

Heidi said...

i like exotic food..