Saturday, June 17, 2006

Emergency Room

Last night LJ called from the barn while B and I were busy with customers.
"Dad, can you get Mom to come and get me?"
"Well, we're really busy with customers. Can you wait a few minutes till we're done?"
"Umm, no. I fell off my horse."
"Yeah, Gypsy turned one way and I turned the other and I fell off and hurt my arm. It's all gashed and bloody."
"OK. I'll get her to come."
B got off the phone and said, "LJ fell off her horse and her arm may be broken. You better go get her."
The whole way there I'm thinking about broken bones, what hospital to go to, where her medical card is. In my wallet or hers. I check. I can't find it in my wallet. Hmm. She must have it. But does she have her purse? Highly doubtful if she's at the barn. Oh, well, check when I get there.
I arrive and it doesn't look like she's in a lot of pain. Of course, she's one that has a high pain tolerance so I really can't tell. She's walking, though. That's a good sign. Turns out her arm doesn't seem to be broken, but she does have a huge gash. Looks like it needs a good cleaning out and maybe some stitches. Not my department.

"Do you have your medical card?"
"No, you have it."

She thinks I have it. I check again and sure enough it was hidden in my wallet after all. We were headed towards home but we turn around and head off to the nearest hospital. We arrive and can't find the emergency entrance. It's so deserted. Wow! What a relief! Nobody is there but a couple of nurses, a volunteer and the doctor. We were seen right away. Whoa, we came to the right hospital. In and out again in less than an hour.

Thankfully, there were no broken bones. Only three stitches and no tetenus shot. Last year's was still good.

LJ said we should come here next time. Next time???


Kedge said...

Wow! Scary. I thought I was the over-reactor of the family. I have to save up my ER clout for when I really need it. No crying wolf for me. Is she better today?

Anonymous said...

AGHGHHHHH laura is dying!!!!!!!!!! help call the ambulance...

SAJ said...

Wow. What kind of crazy country do you live in where there are emergency rooms without long lines of people with bullet wounds and giant gashes in their foreheads? Must not be from around here.