Sunday, June 18, 2006


We just got home from meeting (local). LK, H and T are in Marysville or Seattle. It's All-Day-Meeting in Kirkland but they were in Marysville on Saturday for the Strawberry Festival (H and LK) and paint ball whatever (T). So it's pretty slow around here ... and quiet.

Moe and Felix missed us. They always do on Sundays since we're often gone all day. It's too quiet for them. They like activity and lots of it. Definitely people cats. They really don't want too much attention but they do want you around for comfort, I guess. I hate to be in the house by myself too. I would take rowdy loud over eerie quiet any day. Usually, they run to the door to greet us as we walk in. Then start on a rowsing chorus of "hello, hello, you left me alone all day and I won't forgive you forever. Give me some food." They soon settle down and only pipe up once in a while for a short time to remind us that they were not happy but that they're glad that we're back.


Kedge said...

Bobby has a 'pavlov's dog' response to the garage door opening. He goes Loco when he hears the door go up. We both get a sound scolding..."How could you leave me alone? Why couldn't I go? Where have you been? What did you eat? Which doggy did you see? Don't you ever, ever do it again!"

leanne said...

our cats smell up the house and barf everywhere when we are gone

SAJ said...

I think Moki is a kind of Japanese ice cream. Yum!