Thursday, June 22, 2006


You're looking at my living room. This is what it looks like today. And we're expecting company this week-end. That's okay. We've done it before. It was even like this when we had our conference and we made it through. The only reason I mention it today is because the shipper is finally coming tomorrow. I think. At least that was the last I heard. This is for a customer that has a business in the east. I don't really know where. Just that it is further east than Winnepeg and Toronto. Maybe New Brunswick. It's really all the same to me. (Geography was not one of my strong subjects in school). But he's had trouble getting the right shipper. When he comes to take this away I'll get my living room back. And part of my family room. And the hall that connects the two. I'll also get my back porch too! That is even more exciting to me than the living room. I think I could live without the living room because we really don't use it all that much but the porch??? I could really use that! Porches are made for summer. Right now it's full of boxes of little wooden birdhouses. When the garage is emptied of the cases of albums that are going east the birdhouses will go in there. Now that summer has arrived with a vengence it will be really pleasant to relax outside in the evening with the family, enjoy the breeze from the ocean and listen to the traffic from Highway 10. (Maybe a mocha will make up for that!)

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SAJ said...

I second the mocha.