Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast and Fingerless Mitts

Because we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in November (when it's suppose to be celebrated!) and because you all live so far away (Union City was far enough to go for the week-end) we often go to Tacoma to "celebrate" (read: eat ourselves silly). This year was no different with no less food and all delicious!

Noah and Heidi

I brought my own stash for the trip down:
These are new in Canada. At least I've not seen them before. They are chocolate coated mint kisses. I thought they would be mint flavored chocolate. And with a mocha I was set. To knit, of course.
Here's what I finished on the trip. Don't be fooled. With a mocha to power you and lots of down time you can get some serious knitting in.

Heidi liked them so well she wanted a pair for her birthday. Which happens to be tomorrow!!! Today was going to be my day off to stay home and knit but some problems with our US bank account warranted me coming into Richmond for the day. With that taken care of - at least as much as I can do (including a trip down south) - it was too late to go back home. Thankfully, she wanted Greek food for her birthday dinner and there's a restaurant conveniently located up the street from our house. As for the fingerless mitts? How fast do you think I can knit?

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