Sunday, December 09, 2007


Since the cat got me out of bed by scatching and meowing at my door I thought I would hand deliver him to Heidi and let her take care of him. So down the stairs I came. (He just gave me the eye). The computer was on....

Tom just got home from work--the driving range closes at 11:00 or 11:30. I hear his boots upstairs. Poor kid. He's been working since 8 this morning.

My November project was a flop.
Sorry, Soup. This yarn just did not work for me. I tried to make it my November-topaz project. The yarn was just too thick for the size needles I needed to make the socks.
It's really too bad because it's such a pretty yarn. See how the strand just kind of seized up? It got worse as I knitted along. It just was not fun.

So instead I have this yarn on the needles. Believe me 100% wool is much more fun to work with.
Now, off to bed I go lest you think I spend all night on the computer ... and before Bruce comes looking for me. The cat started it!


Jailgy said...

There is nothing wrong with spending all night on the computer as long as you get everything else under control, I say. Besides, 100% wool makes my nose itch. I'm working on my August peridot project, not November topaz. What is December?

knitterykate said...

Turquoise...what are you working on?

Gramma said...

Now you know, Jailgy is up to her eyebrows with the spring green quilt.