Friday, June 01, 2007

We Go Mad Straightening Pins

After the gospel meeting people often end up at our house because there is nothing else to do. We usually sit around the dining room table and just talk. If they are like me, and most people are, believe or not, they can't sit still and just do nothing. So we put them to work! Why sit around doing nothing when you can be counting beads, folding pamphlets or even straightening pins! Yep. Pin Straightening is the lastest in the entertainment department around here. So that's what we had our company do the last time they were here.

You take a pin and hold it in one hand while you pull it straight with the other. Often it doesn't get straight til you do it several times. Your fingers and hands gets sore and dirty. You get weak in the knuckles (and knees). At the end you promise yourself that you won't ever visit the A's again until all the pins are straight and out of the house! It's that bad.

Each bag has about 1000 bent pins in it. Don't ask why the factory sent it that way. They knew we had bored company? The tediousness got to someone eventually.

We only got one bag done before C went mad.

(But it was only a trick to lead us to think that she went mad.) And happily she has been back since. But not to straighten pins.


SAJ said...

surely there isn't money in pin straightening!

The Chatty Housewife said...

I still have the groove in my finger. I think it's a callous.

Just joking. :)