Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Think I'm Going to Buy New Walking Shoes

No, this is not a good price since it's in litres and not gallons. I figure that when it's translated to gallons it's over $5 per. With the $US/$CND exchange so close these days you can figure out how much we're paying for gas.

Do I want to eat or do I want to drive? I think I'll drive since I need to go on a diet anyway. But then again if I walk I probably won't need to go on a diet. Maybe I should do both!!

Speaking of which I need to go pick up LJ from
school. I should walk.
There was a mother's day tea last Friday. All the moms got a rose at the end. I didn't have my camera so check the chatty housewife blog for May 14.


Kedge said...

And then come walk with me! I walk before I wake up and feel very noble all day.

Gramma said...

I checked the tea pics. Wonderful. Tea tastes so much better in a delicate cup. Did you have cucumber sandwiches?

ioi said...

Did you get your rose? I dropped it off at your door on my way home that day.

knitterykate said...

no cucumber sandwiches. But we did have egg salad and a bunch of other sandwiches.