Saturday, December 16, 2006

Here's to H

We dedicate this page to a brave girl who today has begun anew to practice her driving skills. With many starts and stutters, biting of fingernails, cowerings in corners, stomping of feet and just saying no, the day has finally come that H decided (with strong urgings from her mom!) to get behind the wheel of the car. Someday the streets of Vancouver will be graced with the skill of this fine motorist.

Alas! Said girl skipped the country with nary a driving lesson under her belt...We'll be waiting at the border.


Gramma said...

I think I was almost 26 when I finally got my license. I had a very wiggly little boy in the back seat when I took my test. BUT I passed by the skin of my teeth.

The Chatty Housewife said...

What a cool picture! How did you do that? Anyways, back to the subject at hand, it is better to wait until you are ready.

(I failed mine a few times.)


Anonymous said...


Captin Dan said...

Congrats!! Kind of neat to be a little more independant. Please be safe. Dont be like Ike and get a 100 mph ticket in my Land Rover!!