Monday, December 11, 2006

My Daughter the Eccentric (Artist)

She does it for kicks. She likes to see what she can do with the clothes in her closet. Make it as weird as possible. Then she does it for effect. To see what the rest of the family's reaction will be. She got her artist's streak from her dad.

Put me in the zoo?

Anyway, other great news!
Happy Birthday, Tom!


Gramma said...

Ah well, brings back memories of when you chose the weirdest combination you could find and ask me if it looked all right. In order to make you feel secure, I'd always answer YES. I later found out it was just for kicks.

Heidi said...

i love those socks!! (the grey with the red stripe) can you make me some? theyre wool i think.

Heidi said...

you see, the other one is missing. there is only one