Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coffee Time

So, we've been away to Denver. Alas, there are no pics, but one. And it's ugly. Because it's a long trip (about 24 hours) we utilize the local coffee shop over the gas station coffee to help keep us awake. Starbucks is the number one pick because they are so consistent. But when I'm home I prefer to make my own. Except when I'm feeling especially lazy. Which is too often.
Here's what I see when I splurge at the drive through at Starbucks and then spend a "million dollars".
Home is much better and FAR cheaper. Besides, I don't have to dress up and go out and pretend I'm a YUPPIE that I'm definitely not. I can stay at home and be an "at home mom."
Even though it's much cheaper at home you still have to bite the bullet and buy the espresso machine. (We did years ago). I enjoy getting up in the AM and making my coffee just the way I like it. Nice and hot. Not too much chocolate. And good creme that I can swirl out with my fingers. (Don't worry. My fingers are clean.) The convenience cup I use when I'm in a hurry to go out the door to take LJ to school. In my "Un-yuppie" clothes.


Gramma said...

I don't like much coffee, it's just that sometimes, nothing else will do. Like this morning . . . I took in to Waferers Writers an angelfood cake (already sliced with my electric knife since I couldn't find my cake breaker) and strawberries and a can of whipped cream. I boiled some water in the teakettle a poured it into the pump pot (happens to be orange. Uegh) so those who had to have tea, could, the rest of us had
Tasters' Choice. Nancy even put whipped cream in her coffee because I forgot to bring creamer.

Kedge said...

Gotta have a reason to get out of my comfy beddie-bye! Smells good from down here.

Jailgy said...

When you're done with your espresso machine, can I have it?

knitterykate said...

Huh. I will NEVER be done, although I did stop by Starbucks on the way home from the doc's today. Consolation. I wanted to be catered to. The doc was too discouraging.