Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Short Respite

We had breakfast in Burlington last Thursday. Since Keith and Janet were visiting from CA, Dave and Suzanne thought it would be fun to meet somewhere for breakfast. Gordon and Mary Jane joined us for the day.

We next went to Deception Pass for a short hike to the water. It's beautiful there and so peaceful.
Who can resist a beach full of rocks? No one with a heart of a boy.
Even though these "boys" are all over 50--some in their 60's they still had to test their ability with a rock. Or two.


Jailgy said...

Boys will be boys, I guess, I wouldn't know.

There's a party at the Last Resort!

Kedge said...

Tom got the Fontana Job!

Kedge said...

JACKETS!!! COOL WEATHER!!! I remember those! I think I actually wore a sweater about ten months ago...or was it nine?

Sir said...

'You got some Denver pictures for us yet? :)