Friday, August 18, 2006

My Other Job

We worked till midnight Wednesday folding these pamphlets and still didn't get done. There is still as much and more to do besides stapling and folding. Once that's done they need to be cut to the proper size. Then there is the packing and shipping to do as well. And this is just one order. I wanted to go over the border early this AM as the line-ups are not as bad then. But obvioulsly not. Maybe tomorrow. If we go over the border to mail books the shipping is a lot cheaper since we can get a book rate. We didn't figure that out for a long time and ended up paying a lot more since we didn't know that USPS considers our pamphlets as books. Not until we read their brochure did we find out that a pamphlet to them was a one page folded "thing". Oh, well. We're not here to make money, I guess. (But we still have to eat.)

Thankfully, I don't do all this alone. I have lots of help. B does all the writing (!), stapling and cutting. I have help (LK, H, and HC-the one with the fat belly) with the endless folding. Usually, I end up doing all the packing and shipping myself although B drives me over the border and we make an afternoon of it. His reward is a pizza, of course. Mine? What else but a mocha? It's definitely worth it.

BTW, if you want to place an order, give me lots of time.


ioi said...

I know that with my kids running around I probably wouldn't be as much help in the folding process, but if you could give me a list of foods your family likes, I could make a couple meals that you could pull out of the freezer. Or if you can think of any other way for me to help, I would like to do it.

Kedge said...

Think Happy Origami Thoughts