Saturday, June 24, 2006

Caught in the Act

Enough of Moe.

Here's Felix and his latest escapade.

He cannot leave a lone ball of yarn by itself.

He thinks he needs to take it to a safe place--away from me.

He grabs it in a hurry,

runs quickly,

and as soon as he gets away he drops it in the middle of the floor.

He then drops to the floor himself, turns over and expects me to rub his tummy for a job well done.


SAJ said...

Irresistable! I'd rub that tummy instantly!

Jailgy said...

I love to watch animals, especially cats, play. They are so dignified otherwise or so they would have you believe.

avocadoinparadise said...

This is so cute! What a good series of photos documenting the little devil too. At least he doesn't appear to tear up the yarn like my cat would.