Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Periwinkle Stripes

I'm going to love this sweater! First of all, its's periwinkle - one of my favorite colors. Second, it's got stripes! And finally, it's going to be big enough and slouchy enough to be comfortable. This is a great achievement for me. You see, I really am not very creative in that I can't imagine how things will turn out and often try and try until I have a semblance of something that I like. This sweater started out as "tea leaves" with no stripes. 

But I ripped it out because it was too big. Not only had I lost weight but the yarn was all wrong for the pattern. It was a cute pattern but just wasn't drapey (new word) enough in that yarn. I looked like a balloon when I wore it.

So out came this off my needles! I sewed on the buttons and tried it on. Uh, oh. The buttons were too small for the button holes and keep coming undone. Quick trip to the fabric store for thread to tighten up the holes. No way was I going to rip out my button band! So, we are good to go. 

My next project is a pillow for the guest room. Jailgy made a quilt that I happened to acquire but I needed some pillows for the head of the bed. I'm thinking white eyelet rectangle pillows and some hexie circle or square pillows for accent. We'll see. 

 This happens when you go out to eat with your daughter!

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