Monday, April 11, 2016

Repair and Renew - My Very First Wallaby

Many years ago - about 11 - my niece was expecting her first baby. I wanted to make her something special for that new baby. I had been itching to try the "Wonderful Wallaby" ever since my good friend Robin had shown me the pattern. So I chose some yarn - washable, of course, and off I went. It was a huge success and I had so much fun making it! Fast forward 11 years. Now, baby number six is wearing it and it still looks as good as new except for one small detail: baby # 5 (who is now four years old, found a pair of scissors. You can guess what happened next! Momma found the sweater with a hole right in the center front! No hiding it either. She sheepishly came to me and asked if there was any way to mend it. She didn't care that it showed - she just wanted a fixed. Well, I always like a challenge! So, yes, I was able to fix it in record time. The next time I came their house, #6 put it on and didn't take it off til bedtime when he put his pj's on. For all I know, he put it on over his pj's when he went to bed! He likes it that much. 
Notice the "clutch".

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