Thursday, September 06, 2007

Peridot to Sapphire

My August project is done. A matching pair - identical twins, actually. More often than not socks made with variegated yarn end up being fraternal twins. That's because it's hard to figure out where in the skein to start the second sock. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why there are so many SSSs. (Second Sock Syndrome).

Even though they're not "peridot" through and through I think you can see a little of that color in the middle.

September's stone, sapphire brought a dilemma. I wanted to start the misty mountain shawl but have other projects to finish. If I couldn't find a "sapphire" unfinished project I would start the shawl.

Sure enough, I have an unfinished pair of socks - one sock to be exact, in that bright sapphire blue color suffering from SSS without the excuse of variegated yarn. And to tell the truth, I probably have unfinished projects in all the colors of the rainbow, if not the birthstone colors! So my aim is to finish unfinished "works in progress" (WIPs) that have been plaguing me for so long for these "birthstone" projects.

(Now to sneak off and work on the socks I started on the way to Denver last week-end!! Wait til you see. They are black with all kinds of color in them. My excuse for this? I need the needles to finish the sapphire socks.)


Jailgy said...

Your peridot socks are beautiful! Birthstone WIPs, I like it.

The Chatty Housewife said...

OH OH OH! I love how those socks turned out. They are SO pretty!

My birthday is in September hint hint.

grandma c said...

So sorry chatty housewife, but I'm the lucky recipient of the peridot socks... which by the way fit perfectly. I love them.

Kedge said...

I found Crackers in the fabric store yesterday. She was dreaming and scheme-ing. She'd bought some fabu sewing machines on Saturday and is anxious to get stitching. We were standing by a yarn bin and got ourselves into a yarn petting frenzy. Part wool, part acrylic. BTW those socks look an awful lot like opals, you know.

knitterykate said...

Which ones? I already have my tourqoise project in mind but not my opal.

Did you buy any yarn? I love to work with a washable wool/acrylic blend.

The Chatty Housewife said...

grandma c- I know! I saw that you had them on Wednesday night, you are lucky! I was hinting about the September pair. ;)

knitterykate said...

They're yours!