Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final Concert - Guitars

You can hardly see her but Laura is sitting in the back row wearing a hat. She just had gum surgery and thought she could hide. Um, Laura, nice try but it didn't work. Poor girl. She was in misery and then to have to perform for her final mark was not fun. To top it off we said she looked a bit like a chipmunk. That didn't help her "self esteem" one bit.

There must have been about 25 guitars playing all at once in this program. I must say it sounded pretty good to my tin ear. Either that or I'm deaf.
I'm not so dumb as to embarrass my high school senior. Thus the very bad photos. In order to get good ones I would have had to stand up and move closer to the front. And I was already in the 2nd row.

Or maybe I didn't want to embarass myself?

The rest of the concert was a little entertaining and definitely loud. I guess the louder you are the better you are.

B and I were very glad to finally get out of there. Minus our hearing which was already poor to begin with.

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Kedge said...

Ken and John Angel went to a 'christian' concert at West Valley High to pass out tracts. Guess what? They were asked to leave!!! Their "LITERATURE" was not up-to-snuff, I suppose.