Saturday, June 02, 2007

Birch Bay

We couldn't ask for more beautiful weather. It's been warm and clear for about a week here-- a perfect excuse for a holiday.

On Friday B decided we needed a day off. When he said he wanted to go to Birch Bay I immediately thought of the yarn shop there. I hadn't been for a long while and was not disappointed in the least. There was so much there that I would have liked to buy. But this girl has enough yarn to last three lifetimes! Even still I did manage to walk out with some reinforcement yarn for the socks I'm working on. (Kedj, two months is too short for socks to last. Send me your holey ones.)

Annnnnnnnd.......some yarn to make this! Don't expect to see results any time soon. Maybe by the end of the summer because I'm still working on my pi shawl: (from this book).
It's taking longer than it needs to because I keep having to "tink" and, alas, "frog" which is worse. Last night I visited Gran and while there got quite a bit done. Or so I thought. When I got home I picked it up again to work on it and saw that I had a HUGE loop a couple of rows back. I was hoping it was only one row, but nope it turned out to be three! What's the big deal, you say? Well, each row has 576 stitches! (plus or minus--I can't keep track properly. --i.e. I can't count.) So I painstakenly, started to take out each stich. One by one. When I realized it was several rows back I had no choice but to RIP!!! And I did. And it hurt. I worked for over two hours and finally couldn't take it any more. I quit and went to bed only to finally finish in the AM. Now I'm ready to go again and I'll be upstairs if you call, enjoying my mocha on the back porch (which only has five boxes on it now.)

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Kedge said...

Beautiful kaleidocsope! That slide show is mind blowing! I keep blinking and squinting. At first I literaly backed away from the screen. Good choice of presentation format.