Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sure Return

I'm finally back! (Much to your joy, I'm sure.) We had a great time in CA but it seemed so short even though we were gone for almost two weeks.

It was our normal CA trip: down to Burbank in a straight shot-- 26 hours, which included a roadside stint of two hours while we tried to figure out how to get chains off our tires. (Arrgh! We had to put on chains for slush that lasted for two miles, maximum. They even had inspectors out to make sure we put them on.)

We took in the Conference for three days...very exercising, encouraging and profitable.

Out to the beach for the day,

and then to Hemet for the rest of the trip.

"Fun" at Target with the sisters.

We stayed at Gramma's this time and were in and out daily before she even had time to catch her breath. It looks like Auntie's had it.

Believe it or not, I had time to finish three projects! The little orange hat is not exactly how I want it so needs a bit more work.

The booties turned out perfectly. I just love to work with variagated yarn.

There really are two of these socks. It's just that I gave them away before I could get a picture of the pair.

When we left CA we were starting to get sick but still had enough energy to "discuss" hot topics and issues with some of the kids. I tell you, 22 hours (the time it took to get home) is enough time to discuss anything under the sun.


Jailgy said...

How did I end up with somebody's frozen coffee drink? I don't even like them cold.

ComfortablyCrazy said...

The two by the vision center is the very UN-super-walmart.

We miss you already.

Made a new topper for Hot-Rod Hannah but it doesn't have enough stretch. So it's going to BB for her B-day. So I get to make a new one HRH, by tomorrow night, for her warm and wooly party.

ioi said...

'Glad you made it home safe! Whatever happened with the Noritake? I forgot to ask you when I saw you today. :)