Friday, November 03, 2006

A Sunday School Treat

A few weeks ago (earlier this summer!) we had our annual Sunday School Treat. This year was in a wonderful park right behind G and D's house. What a hidden secret! We just about had the park to ourselves for the whole time. No one seemed to know about it and that suited us fine. It's not often that you get a public park in the middle of the city all to yourselves.

Lots was happening that day.

An engagement was announced! We're so excited for R and C. They will be living here, I think. At least for the time being.

She's from Montreal but has been out here so much we claim her for our own. This month (!) they'll be married if all goes well. We couldn't be more pleased.

Lots of food, lots of games and two more babies to go. (At that time!)


Gramma said...

Who are R and C?

knitterykate said...

Rob and Carine

Hey! you posted pretty fast! I'm not done yet!

Gramma said...

I don't know who Rob and Carine are. Where are they from? What do they do? Who are they related to?

knitterykate said...

Her family lives north of Montreal. (I think there are about nine kids in her family...some grown and moved away.) His family is from Nova Scotia. He's one of two boys. I only just met his parents at our last conference in April. Check the GTF.