Friday, November 17, 2006

Mr. Owl, Part 2

I wanted to write about Mr. Owl earlier but every time I started to type, the picture disappeared. As if you cared. Well, anyway Mr. Owl lives near Gypsy's barn in Delta. He was actually visiting the winery during their open house.

I had been driving down the road after taking LJ to the barn and saw that there was an open house at the winery. Since it looked like a rustic old barn conducive to picture taking, I turned in. Was I ever glad I did.

Besides Mr. Owl there were old fashioned Collectors' cars, furry, fuzzy sheep, miniature ponies,spinning wheels complete with spinning ladies and their wonderful woolly yarn,

(I did get some! Great for making socks.) beehives and their by-products,and rainbow colored tractors,
A very pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning by myself.


Jailgy said...

Mr. Owl looks like a Barred Owl. Does he say, "Who cooks for you?" The Spotted Owl just says "hoohoo hoo". Now you have an excuse to go back and check.

Hidy said...

cute mini pony !

Gramma said...

I liked those tractors. They remind me of Lancaster County barn scenes. I'm back to knitting somewhat. For some reason the last ball of yarn would not pull out of the center so I ended up re-winding the whole shebang.