Saturday, November 25, 2006

Luggage Tags

Look what I got in the mail the other day! You might think that it's insignificant for a birthday present but if you know what my suitcase looks like you would realize how valuable they are. Like every other bag in the terminal mine is black ...with wheels... and a pull handle. Sound like yours? Well, I'm sure it is. That is why one of these is going on every one of my bags. Already LK used one to go to Regina and was able to spot here bag immediatedly. No more masking tape or ribbon for us! We're going in style.
Not only are they good for bags they're also good as key tags! Yes, Teege and Lk left their cars with their keys in my hands. Since the keys are exactly the same it is very hard, if not impossible to tell them apart. Hence the luggage tags with convenient pockets for names.

Thanks Jaigy!

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Jailgy said...

Do you need more? I do, I got some for me, too, and then I lost two of them. Go figure.