Sunday, October 15, 2006

One Tired Mitten

When Kedj goes for a walk very early in the morning her hands get cold. It wouldn't be so bad if she could put her hands in her pockets. That would keep them warm. Alas, there's this furry little creature that keeps her company on these treks who does not want to walk very far...maybe 20 feet or so. Just long enough to take care of things. Then he wants a ride. Well, that means that Kedj can no longer keep her hands in her pockets because Bobby likes to "ride" in her arms.

She lost one of her original pair of mittens and the other was worn with a hole. I said I would be glad to make her another pair. "Would 25% wool, 75% acrylic be okay?"
"Um, no. 100% wool would be better. Do you have any? It gets really cold in H."


Happy belated birthday, Kedj!


kedge said...

Yay! 100% wool!
I suppose it's not so much the cold outside as the stiff and painful 'morning hands'. Sometimes it feels like I'm wearing baseball gloves.

Heidi said...

i love 100% wool! I don't like fake wool.. its scratchy. well so is real wool, but that's ok because it's REAL stuff

leanne said...

i don't like scratchy stuff.