Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No Softball Sissies

These girls can play a mean game of softball. You should see them hit! I even think they surprise themselves when they actually connect. It's another story in the outfield. It's kind of funny and cute to watch them.

Some of them make outstanding catches and some of them get the sun in their eyes--so to speak. All in all, it is fun to watch and very entertaining. But you won't catch me out there on display! I had my day thirty years ago. I will say this. These girls are very good sports, to say the least.
Some would rather not play but do their best bossing everyone else around. Ooops! I mean being team captain.

There is always the "Peanut Gallery" who think they know how to play and don't mind telling the hitters and catchers what to do. But you won't find too many of them out there taking any chances on losing their dignity!
Then there's the official "Score-keeper". She's been at it for as many years as I can remember. She won't give up her post even though she's exhausted from having 14+ girls in her cabin keeping her awake at night and monopolizing the shower from 5PM til 4PM (the next day--that's right--she gets it from 4-5 every afternoon!)


Gramma said...

Somebody has to keep track of the 'Lassen Rules'! Who else knew that
Actually hitting a tree is a home run.
Hitting the road is a triple.
Strikes are in the eye of the pitcher.
The Shortstop plays anywhere he pleases.
The catcher better not tag out his little sister.

kedge said...

oops, that was me. I'm on Mom's PC. Anyway, I'm sure they pick the captains because of their charm and grace under fire. And their ability to duck and run.

leanne said...

Yah I don't know why I was a captain but it was fun! I like bossing people around :) Kidding!! Did I just say that??

leanne said...

I thought hitting the road was a double and I didn't know if you hit a tree it was a home run. I thought everything over there was a double unless it rolled into the trees. I did know the rest though!!

Kedge said...

Because it was such a feat to actually hit a tree! And the road was defintely a long way away. Maybe these rules are obsolete...seems they are too complicated, too fine a point and the action subject to interpretation.

Kedge said...

And, I'm sorry if anyone is annoyed at my insistence on base coaches. I remember my own frustration and disappointment at not knowing what the best thing to do was, getting thrown out. I know the game and understand the rules, but I can't always read the field or determine the next best move while I'm on base. (I'm so glad I got there!)Most of the girls do play well and don't need any help. Some, however as you know, need direction. Besides, I think the boys like to 'help'.